I love to capture emotion. The raw, real, vulnerable moments. Don't give me your best 'nice' fake smile – I wanna see the real you! I want you to have the best god damn' time!!! Our time together won't be stagnant – it'll be fun, exciting, exhilarating and a rollercoaster of real emotions and moments – your moments! Speaking your language already? Are you as excited as I am? Did we just become friends? Cool, I have butterflies and am *screaming internally!*

Hey, I'm Maegan (pronounced MAY-gn, like the month of May) or you can call me Maegs! I'm based in Melbourne and love to adventure – I value FUN, easy-going times, free expression, good food, fuzzy socks and people kind/positive people! I'm a very expressive person and love to show and feel all the feels (you'll literally see it all over my face). I don't hold back or stick within a box, and I definitely don't contain myself – I'm a care-free soul and love to embrace every present moment fully.

Here to capture your meaningful moments

It's so important that you feel completely comfortable around your photographer, and that's my number one goal. To capture an honest representation of who you are, together, and what your connection looks and feels like, as authentically as possible. Connection, trust and familiarity are the key to capturing your genuine emotion. 


Aside from capturing all the important moments (getting ready, first look, the kiss, guests mingling, beautiful portraits etc… tick, tick, tick). Honestly… your experience with me as your photographer is SO much more than that. Heck, you deserve more than just that!

My style is candid, documentary and journalistic – it isn't stagnant or boring. It skews towards a fashion / editorial style and portrays the raw energy of your moments. The real passion and connection shared between you both and the people that you love. It's fun, energetic, warm and a bit moody with a nostalgic film-like touch. I love to play with light and shadow, double exposure and other creative wizardry to add a dreamy and magical feel.

I'll capture your best side, your beautiful vulnerability, make sure you're looking and feeling your best, and that you're having the best damn time!

If you're looking for a photographer to only capture those key moments, just to tick them off a list, or if you're shopping round for the cheapest deal or don't value the craft of good storytelling through photography, then we probably aren't the right match… and that's ok!

I love to capture the atmosphere, mood and vibe of your moments through artistic crops, movement-filled images and creative compositions. I'll run behind/beside you and capture that energy, frolick in nature and take my shoes off too. Whatever is appropriate to capture your moment and tell your experience authentically, I'll go there.

Let's get to know each other and vibe on a human level. I want to see what makes your relationship unique and special, so that I can capture you both to a tee. Because years from now, your wedding photos are the most important/tangible memories that you will have. When you look back on your wedding photos, they will reflect your day, your meaningful moments and all of your feels exactly how you remembered them. And THIS is why I love photography so much… that's the true power of good storytelling.




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"Maegan is seriously so so so talented! Her images just jump right out at you, they are magic and just capture a moment so perfectly! But more importantly Maegan is just such a special, incredible person!

From the moment you meet her you feel so comfortable and as if you've known her forever! She is so bubbly and fun to be around! Working alongside Maegan is a dream! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing photographer!!"

Wanna ramp up the energy and bring the party and madness?! I'll make sure you're belly laughing with happy tears and bring out yo wild/crazy/fun sides! Let's run, dance, get wild and a bit crazy. Let's have FUN!


Variety is the spice of life.
As a true Gemini, I bring you all of the vibes, appropriate for every scenario.
I can be…


Calm and easy-going so that the moment feels intimate, super easy/relaxing and comfortable – you'll be so comfortable in my presence that you'll probably even forget that I'm there.

THE zen-master

As your no.1 hype gal, I've got you. I'll hype you up or help settle the nerves, just like an old friend would. I'm human after all – I care about you and your day. I've got your back all the way. You got this!! *Chefs kiss*.

THE SUPPORT/hype squad



I look for intimate in-between moments and observe unobtrusively the unique connections between humans.

These occasions (even if fleeting) are the most meaningful.

Life is filled with these moments – your moments – and that's worth celebrating! I want you to look back on your images and feel the rush of emotions & re-live that magic all over again.

Expressions that arise naturally, unplanned or unseen moments, genuine connection and energy felt during silence… this is what really gets me going.

The authentic and emotive ones that capture your vibe

Here to capture genuine moments that are meaningful to you

+ Good vibes guaranteed
+ 110000% commitment, devotion, support & care
+ LGBTQIA+ loving
+ No awkward poses or forced smiles
+ Natural moments & non-intrusive
+ Will befriend your friends & fam
+ You'll feel confident and comfortable to be *fully* you
+ Express ALL of the feels. I will too! (I'm not crying, you are!)
+ I won't make you pose awkwardly – I'm not about faking it or making you feel uncomfortable. This is about capturing real moments that reflect you, your connections and your day honestly. I'll provide gentle guidance if you're feeling awks. We'll make it fun and I'll make sure you're looking amazing and extra fab! 
+ Most importantly… WE'LL HAVE FUN! This is your day! Enjoy it, embrace it, soak it all up. Whilst you're busy having the best time with your favourites, I'll be there to capture all the magic as it unfolds.


You're in for a good time! Your experience with me feels & looks like this;





If you're vibing with any of the above, then I'm your gal & I'm confident We'll get on like a house on fire!

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